Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last Night

Last night was quite eventful our music theater department is currently giving a amazing run of the musical little women. I for a while like i am sure alot of other instrumentalist don't take them very seriously but after seeing the first performance thursday i have come to realize they love what they do as much as i love writing music or playing jazz. Just amazes me that though we consider our selfs different animals we have so much in common. After the performance me and some friends went to hang out at my roommates house, and to sum up everything the night got a little weird but also very surprisingly great , which lead to me only getting 4 hours of sleep before driving home today but i can't really say i would trade anything that happened. Made some great new friends and became even better ones with others.  Needlessly to say life is good right now :)    WGM4

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Beginnings

Though its been a lil rough right now things have gotten a hundred times better in the last couple of days. I have started out a new chapter in my life in which i am caring more about my feelings and putting myself first more. Working out, practicing more and getting to where i can write more music .
                                                           starting a new life as a composer, musician and man WGM4

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Whether your a writer trying to find the words to describe a exquisite rose or a artist looking for the colors to bring that rose to life on the page, but as a composer that simple rose becomes quite challenging a task to portray. let me first say that i am no writer nor am i a artist and i love and appreciate these mediums and the creativity that is involved in the creation of both, and i mean not to offend anyone with my words. Now inspiration is a funny because it can happen anywhere, any time and usually happens at times when one can not act on the idea. At least this is generally what happens to me. But when i do find imsppiration its generally things that are very very odd, for instance a piece i wrote last semester called Dream of Spanish Mosquito. The inspiration for this piece hit me one day while i was sitting in my colleges music lounge. a large mosquito esk bug had flown into the room and as i watched my classmates try to herd him out the door i thought to myself "man he must think we all are absolutely nuts" which lead to the thought " humans must give them nightmares" which lead to "what might a mosquito dream about"
But once i had a idea of what i wanted to do it seemed like the music wrote itself and while i have to explain the title the piece can take the listener to this place.
And now i have wrote this i think this rose description sounds like fun, got to go write something down
Till next time peace, love and be easy  WGM4

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Have a idea.

So my girl  is up in the big apple and checkin out a couple musicals. So as i sit here chillin' i thought to myself why can't i write something like this? These things, while somewhat cheesy which adds to the appeal to those who are devout followers i think, are a form of expression that can encompass all parts of the arts. So i'm thinking about starting one of these now. So we'll see were it goes i am thinking about a story of how a jazz musician makes his way to the top and all the demons that plague him on his journey to follow his passion. Maybe i'll go this route who knows but i think this might be a fun project to work on in part of my free time. It is one of my goals not only to be a film scorer but also write in as many styles as i can. So we'll see where we get but a man can only get as far as he can expect to be and I've only yet begun this journey

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Day of class.

Well its the beginning of spring semester and i  am ready. Break was good and i probably should have practiced my horn more than i did and worked more than i did but i feel rested and ready to go. Got back to Jacksonville last night and between chillin with several of my friends and getting ready for class today i didn't get to sleep until after 2 o'clock this morning. little bit tired this morning but nothing a good class in theory won't fix. So today consists of theory, theory lab,Applied lab, wind ensemble and then ends with jazz fundamentals. So schedules not to bad today. So guess I'm gonna go get ready for my first class. Everyone have a great day and Peace be with you till i speak to you again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who am I? Question With Implications Unknown

Who am I? This might be something that interest you if you have stumbled upon my little blog. My name is William G. Malloy IV(My friends call me Will or Hats) I am a young cat from a little town called Cross City,Fl that while you probably  have never heard of Google maps will show you how to get there under the title of middle of no were. Education is probably the next thing one might want to know, i graduated from dixie county high school in 2007 somewhat ready for college, then attended and earned my AA degree in Music from Santa Fe College in 2010, and now i have transfered to Jacksonville University where i am pursuing a bacholors in music theory and composition. I am a musician with my primary instrument being tenor saxophone. There are only a couple of passions i have in this life being Music, Cars and Having a good time. I am a pretty easy going guy and usaully interested in things that are peculiar and fresh.
I wouldn't have been able to have come as far as i have without the support of my family. In a society becoming ever the more broken my family has stood strong and created a support system for me as well as all of my cousins.
I am engaged to be married on May 5,2012 to a beautiful and caring woman named Miranda Hunt. We are both very artistic and enojoy much of the same things. She keeps me grounded and at peace always supporting me in what ever i do.
In conclusion, I am just a easy going, somewhat eccentric, small town guy whos knows what i love to do and knows what i want.